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Escape to the water, feel the elements, harness the wind, enjoy freedom!


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AQUILA Freeride Power Machine & All-round performance


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KIMA Wave Riding & Freestyle tool


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Always forgiving Stability

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Built Rock Solid using the best materials only

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Uncompromising QA

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All Materials are Computer controlled Cut

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Stiff joint Connections - Kites don't deform under load

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KEVLAR-Scruffguards, (real) Kevlar for increased wear resistance


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Strut Joints 3XSTRONG reinforced in 3 Axis

Strut Joints 3XSTRONG

Strut Joints

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Computerized Stitching - Consistency of multiple stitch lines in critical areas

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Speed pump System, fast inflation of all tube simultaneously

Speed pump System

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Wide Dacron and multiple Layers in high-stress zones

Zian-Kiteboarding - Welcome to a new era in Kiteboarding. Our kites are designed to the highest safety standards for unmatched control, comfort & stability, and feature automatic re-launch.



Choose your new best friend, effortless & comfortable kites you can ride all day. Play with the fast turning speed and hang time of our Aquila, ride the waves or cruise with our Kima.


All Zian kites are manufactured to the highest standards using the best available materials. We build our canopies from Tejing materials. Our Kite designs are cutting edge, our kite building techniques are the best in the world.